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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Game On: RSNA Diagnosis Live™

RSNA annual meeting attendees are invited to experience a fun, interactive way to learn and test their knowledge with RSNA Diagnosis Live™ sessions. Instead of audience response clickers, attendees use their own mobile devices for an engaging learning experience.

During the sessions attendees can study the images on their own screens, then choose or locate the answers. Attendees get immediate feedback on their answers and see how they compare to their colleagues.

iPads or Android tablets are preferred, but attendees can also play along on smartphones or laptops. Details about RSNA Diagnosis Live sessions can be found in the RSNA Meeting Program with the following course numbers:

  • RC118
  • RC129
  • RC207
  • RC401
  • RC405
  • RC618
  • RC704
  • RC714
  • RC803
  • RC829
  • SPDL21
  • SPDL41
  • SPDL51

People interested in learning more about RSNA Diagnosis Live can visit

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